Geo Hub of the Murchison


A pastoral industry is based on livestock raising as the main economy which, within the Shire of Mount Magnet has for 150 years (since the 1870’s)  predominantly been merino sheep bred for wool.

In more recent times, rangeland goats, meat sheep and cattle have been grazed. Wild dogs and drought continue to challenge pastoralists, who have adopted scientific methods for sustainable pastoralism and adapting to a changing climate.

For further historical information refer to “Drawn to Mt Magnet”,  (available at Visitor Centre) in which the pastoral expansion into the Eastern Interior and subsequent development of the pastoral industry and associated stories can be found. More information  can also be found by visiting the Mining and Pastoral Museum (entry through the Visitor Centre).

Pastoral activity and associated social culture, is an aspect of geotourism notable in the Murchison GeoRegion.