Geo Hub of the Murchison
Notices 2020

Notices 2020

PN041 – 2021 Council Meeting Dates

PN040 – Visitor  Centre Off Season Opening 

PN039 – Adventure Nature Playground Committee

PN038 – Expression of Interest – Community Events Catering

PN037 – Mount Magnet Bush Fire Brigade Meeting

PN036 – Proposal to Amend and Impose Fees and Charges for 2020/2021

PN035 – Waste Landfill Site Times

PN034 – Remembrance Day Notice 2020

PN033 – Waste Landfill Site Meeting

PN032 – Library Closure

PN031 – Special Meeting of Council

PN030 – COVID-19 Phase 4 Update Public Facilities

PN029 – COVID-19 Phase 3 Update Public Facilities

PN028 – Geo Rock Garden Committee

PN027 – Illegal Dumping at Landfill Site

PN026 – Landfill Site

PN025 – COVID-19 Update Public Facilities

PN024 – COVID-19 Update Public Facilities

PN023 – SMM Town Planning Scheme 

PN022 – Audit Committee Meeting 

PN021 – 2020 ANZAC Day – Cancellation

PN020 – ANZAC Day Notice 

PN019 – COVID-19 Update April 

PN018 – COVID-19 Community Notice

PN017 – Rates Payments

PN016 – Amended Conduct of Council Meetings & Public Question Time

PN015 – Amended Conduct of Council Meeting

PN014 – Closure of Federation Park

PN013 – Shire Office Closure

PN012 – Closure of Mount Magnet Caravan Park

PN011 – Closure of Mount Magnet Fitness Centre

PN010 – Closure of Mount Magnet Memorial Swimming Pool

PN009 – Closure of Library and Visitor Centre

PN008 – Postponement of Council Meeting

PN007 – Audit Committee Meeting

PN006 – Expression of Interest – Community Events Catering

PN005 – Notice of Annual Electors Meeting

PN004 – Visitor Centre Casual Officer

PN003 – Astro Rocks Festival Committee – Expressions of Interest

PN002 – Special Meeting of Council

PN001 – Verge Pick Up