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Building Applications

Mr Dave Hadden is the appointed Environmental Health Officer/Building Surveyor for the Shire of Mount Magnet. Mr Hadden can be contacted through the Shire Office.

Mr Hadden has the authority to approve all building work intended to be performed within the Shire. A person wishing to conduct building work within the Shire must make a written application to Council in the form approved by the Shire. These forms can be obtained by contacting the office staff on (08) 9963 3000 during normal office hours or you can download the forms HERE.

There are regulated fees that must be paid before a license is issued, please refer to our Fees & Charges.

Information on some specific requirements in regard to Town Planning, Building License applications, and Septic Tank minimum standards can be obtained by contacting Mr Hadden.

Generally a licence is to be obtained for any structure being placed on your property within the Shire, this includes such works as swimming pools, sheds, patios and in some circumstances retaining walls. The Building Surveyor has the authority to approve or refuse building applications unless the application also requires Planning Approval, in which case it will be referred to Council for determination.

Relocation of Used Buildings

All applications to relocate used dwelling buildings into the Shire of Mount Magnet must be accompanied by

  • Plans and specifications in duplicate;
  • Photographs clearly showing four separate elevations of the used dwelling building; and
  • A certificate, signed by a practicing structural engineer, certifying that the design and structure of the used dwelling building is suitable for transportation and re-erection.

Should you require any assistance please contact our CEO Tralee Cable on (08) 9963 3000 or via email

Demolition of Buildings

All building demolition requires the approval of Council and an application is to be made in accordance with State Building Regulations.
Application forms can be obtained by contacting the office on (08) 9963 3000 during normal office hours or you can download the form HERE.

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